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  • Designer & artisan Marjo Valve, designed & created the "VALOLEIKKI" collection of wooden handmade lamps in the year 1991 that have decorated her home decor to this day. At the same time, she raised her son, so the dream of publishing the scandinavian design lighting collection had to be left behind. 

    Over the years people visiting her home asked if the lamps were available anywhere. They were disappointed to hear that these were the only pieces. One person even offered to buy the original handmade lamp, but Marjo refused, because the lamps were too dear to her.

    In 2022, the designer's son decided to bring these unique lamp designs to the market, as a tribute to his mother's talent and passion for design. Wooden handmade lamps are now available for purchase, but the collection will remain small and exclusive, as each piece is handcrafted with care and attention to detail.

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